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VKX 2023

Discover the VKX Vkind Experience 2023: LA's Magic Box transformed into an immersive plant-based wonderland! With 11 themed rooms, cutting-edge digital art, soundscapes, and chef-curated dishes from across the globe. An unforgettable journey showcasing the future of plant-based living! What if plants took over the world?

Vkind Vibes

Discover the vibrant world of veganism in this thrilling travel series, showcasing the benefits and personal stories of this compassionate lifestyle.

Vkind Cooks

A vegan cooking series that not only features professional chefs and ethical brands but also enriches viewers with practical tips on mindful consumption, spotlighting sustainable ingredients and promoting a conscious lifestyle.

So Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Lively and informative live-streaming show featuring PCRM Food for Life Instructors sharing their love for plant-based cooking and nutrition,

Vkind Vegeconomy

The VegEconomy is a collaborative platform where conscious consumers and plant-based enterprises come together to drive change.

The Next Girl

"The Next Girl" by Vkind Studios is a gripping short film that premiered at VKX, exploring a dystopian reality where young girls face enslavement and forced motherhood.


The groundbreaking all-vegan cooking competition show with a unique all-vegan concept and competitive edge, captivating audiences with its bold characters and recipes for drama.

Life is Chill

Life is Chill is revolutionising cannabis-infused wellness with Chill Pills, combining rigorous research and innovation.

Vintage Veg

"Vintage Veg" blends retro charm with modern vegan cuisine, featuring veganized versions of classic favourites with entertaining facts about each recipe's history.


"Veganuary. Keep it going!" is a fun and inspiring animated social media video aimed at motivating those who took part in the Veganuary challenge to continue their vegan journey beyond January.


Mellody, a pioneer in Plant-Based Honey, is spotlighted in a dynamic promotional video for VKX 2023, emphasizing their sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional honey.

The Revival of Stick Dances in San Cebrian de Mazote

Ethnographic film that captures San Cebrian's community preserving their traditional Stick Dances, inspiring a new generation to embrace & continue their cultural heritage.

Performing Byron’s “The Giaur”

A documentary and ethnographic film that delves into the use of music, sound, and movement in a theatrical adaptation of Lord Byron's poem “Zrozumiec Giaura”.


Experimental short film 'Traume', influenced by the surreal aesthetics of Luis Buñuel's works, and featuring a captivating collaboration between visuals and sound.

Allyson Spellman Presents…

"Allyson Spellman Presents..." uniquely blends the captivating appeal of 60 Minutes, Oprah's intimate interviews, and the charm of daytime TV talk shows. Set in stunning locations, the show reveals celebrities' passion projects that drive positive change. This series delivers inspiring conversations and delightful entertainment in equal measure.

Vkind Connects

Vegan Business Podcast that delves into the inspiring world of vegan entrepreneurs.

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