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The Revival of Stick Dances in San Cebrian de Mazote


Personal Project


Director, Producer, Videographer, Video Editor



"The Revival of Stick Dances in San Cebrian de Mazote" is an ethnographic film that captures the efforts of a small Spanish community to preserve their traditional dance. Facing challenges such as rural migration and a lack of interest from younger generations, the community worked together to keep their cultural heritage alive. The film not only serves as the first video graphic documentation of the existent Stick Dances in San Cebrian but also as a trigger for their revival.

Over the course of two years, I undertook a deep dive into the history of the Stick Dances in San Cebrian, collecting footage and interviews with members of the community. The efforts culminated in an event in August 2019, where the film was screened in the village and a new generation of dancers joined the folkloric tradition.

Thanks to the film's powerful storytelling and engaging visuals, the community successfully revived their traditional dance. "The Revival of Stick Dances in San Cebrian de Mazote" is a heartwarming celebration of the community's resilience and their dedication to preserving their cultural heritage.

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