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About Me

I'm Sara, a seasoned video editor with a passion for crafting stories that connect, educate, and inspire. My path began in ethnographic filmmaking, where I learned to delve into the heart of diverse cultures and communities. It was more than just filming; it was about understanding their stories deeply and sharing them with empathy. My work with video aimed to spark dialogue and drive change.

My approach?

It starts with listening, really getting to the heart of what story needs to be told and then bringing it to life with careful editing, creative content creation, and engaging motion graphics. It’s about making complex ideas accessible and beautiful, something I strive for in every project.


I aim to collaborate with individuals and organisations passionate about impactful storytelling. If you're interested in creating visually compelling content that stands out, I would love to hear from you.

Let's explore how we can bring your story to life and make a difference together!

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