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VKX 2023


Vkind Studios


Video Editor, Motion Graphics



From its inception in early 2023, the Vkind Experience set out to be an unprecedented plant-based immersive event, stirring high expectations. My role was central from the beginning, crafting the event's inaugural teaser and logo animation, pivotal in sparking interest and setting the tone for what was to become a groundbreaking event. My efforts extended to editing captivating food recipe videos and influencer content for social media, along with promo videos that highlighted the 11 uniquely themed rooms, significantly broadening the audience reach.

The homepage video I created for the event's website played a key role in converting viewers into attendees, offering them a tantalising glimpse into the VKX world. During the event, my production of branded videos for our sponsors was seamlessly woven into the experience, enhancing the immersion.

The culmination of my work was the highlight reel, a post-event celebration of VKX's milestones and a compelling narrative of its success. This video not only served as a valuable promotional tool for future events but also attracted new sponsors, underlining the VKX Vkind Experience 2023's status as a landmark in innovative, plant-based events.

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